About Us


Jonathan, Susan and Andrew

We (Susan and Andrew) are a "60-something" couple of nature-loving attorneys (Susan is mostly retired).  We spend much of our time up North, although our hearts remain on Sanibel.  When not practicing law or managing condo-related business, we can be found traveling (often to islands), hiking, and/or bird-watching.  Andrew plays tournament bridge, tennis, and guitar; Susan enjoys photography, geology, and computers.  Our son Jonathan teaches English-as-a-second-language online to students in China, and teaches and plays the ancient boardgame "Go," as well as "Magic, the Gathering," and other games.

We discovered the magic of Sanibel in 2003, and immediately bought B-2 as our 25th Anniversary present to ourselves.  We take great pleasure in sharing our special island and home with our guests, and do everything we can to make their stay enjoyable.  We have been blessed with a growing "Sanibel Family" of wonderful guests, many of whom come back year after year.

Please feel free to contact us; we welcome inquiries.